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»Transatlantic theory transfer: missed encounters?«

10. Forschungstreffen Suhrkamp/Insel
27. bis 28. März 2015, Deutsches Haus, Columbia University

In Verbindung mit der Columbia University, New German Critique und dem Goethe-Institut, New York

The purpose of this conference is to explore and understand why certain intellectual figures and theoretical projects prominent in Germany in recent decades have had a limited or even negligible reception in the US. What explains these limited receptions in the transfers of theory? Why do some theories travel well while others do not? Contributors will discuss the theories themselves, their compatibility with intellectual trends in the United States, the politics of mediation by publishing houses and journals, the differing structures of academic and public life in Germany and the United States.

Mit Devin Fore, Dagmar Herzog, Andreas Huyssen, Joe Kroll, W.J.T. Mitchell, Todd Presner, Anson Rabinbach u.a.